Debris Evacuation System

One of the unique patented features available only on Piedmont Downspout Connections is our debris evacuation system.

The debris evacuation option allows debris from the roof and gutters such as leaves, sticks, stones and even bottles, cans, balls to be evacuated above ground BEFORE they can cause a serious problem in the piping below ground.

This patented feature incorporates an internal stainless steel grate with a hinged evacuation door. Debris is deflected down the angled grate to the oversized evacuation door where it is ejected out of the system before it can enter the piping below ground thus reducing the opportunity for blocked or clogged piping.

By simply removing the grate, the downspout and or the underground piping can be accessed for maintenance at ground level. No more dangerous ladders or hanging onto the edge of the roof to unclog the downspout.

The debris evacuation system is an option to our standard clean out ports on all of our models with clean outs. It is perfect for buildings in heavily wooded areas, or schools where balls and other large debris can wind up on the roof. A retro fit model can even be incorporated into existing systems.

The debris evacuation door is NOT intended to be a watertight fitting, and some small amount of venting is acceptable. We do not recommend the use of the debris evacuation system in paved areas where icing is a problem as this may cause a slipping hazard.

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