Features & Benefits of Downspout Connections

Superior Materials

Piedmont downspout connections are manufactured entirely from 304 stainless steel plate and tube nearly 1/8” of an inch thick.

Stainless steel will not rust like cast iron products even in the harshest conditions and will not crack even in temperatures below zero like cast iron, PVC or HDPE products. Stainless steel is virtually maintenance free forever Piedmont products all are supplied with a factory applied UV resistant exterior grade polyurethane powder coat finish.

Other manufactures offer a powder coat finish as a pricey option to their standard thin paint prime coat finish. Please refer to the cross reference chart provided for additional information.

Our superior powder coat finish is for aesthetics only; our products are already made from nearly indestructible stainless steel. We offer 11 color choices, in addition to a clear powder coat finish over brushed stainless steel construction and a powder coat primer ready for your custom color application.

On body access to underground piping is standard with all models (except the A1 transition adapter and SG above ground outlet models).

Providing cleanout access on the body of the downspout connection allows for pipe maintenance if needed.

Eliminates the need for in ground cleanouts on the roof drain leader piping. In ground PVC cleanouts are normally either grown over and lost, or become broken and a safety hazard within the first five years of installation.

Cleanouts are offered by most manufacturers of cast iron products, but they are not standard and increase the costs of the units. Please refer to the cross reference chart provided.

Modern Design and Construction Procedures

Piedmont products are manufactured using the latest in CAD design, plasma cutting, and robotic welding.

Unlimited sizing and design means there are no limits to the size or shape of the units we can provide for your custom projects.

Lower cost per unit than comparable cast iron products, we can design a unit to fit both your project requirements and budget.

Lower shipping costs. Piedmont units weigh a 1/3 of what the old cast iron units weigh, thus less freight costs.

Fast order turn around Piedmont Pipe Manufacturing ships your order within days of receiving it, no matter what the size or shape.

Patented features only available from Piedmont Pipe Manufacturing.

Debris Evacuation Cleanout provides an internal 304 stainless steel grate and a hinged evacuation door to eject roof debris out of the downspout system before it can make it into the underground piping. This feature is excellent in heavily wooded areas and on public and educational facilities where rocks, balls, bottles and other large debris can collect in the gutter and clog the underground piping in large rain events.

The Piedmont B1 full boot with a horizontal outlet, comes with an internal long sweep 90 elbow, as opposed to flat bottoms provided with the Barrycraft B25C and the McKinley DS2. The long sweep elbow provides a quiet and smooth transition of water flow from vertical to horizontal. During low flow rain events there is no noise, created from water dripping into pooled water below the level of the outlet like some cast iron products.