Vertical Outlet

A downspout shoe connects the square, rectangular or round downspout piping to the “roof drain leader”. The connection to the roof drain leader piping is made at or just below finished grade, and the connection to the downspout piping is made 1 to 3 feet above finished grade. In addition to making this connection, a downspout shoe provides ground level protection from impacts of lawn equipment, snow removal equipment or other impacts. However this type of connection still requires the use of pipe and fittings next to the buildings foundation to transition the flow of water from vertical to horizontal.

  • Makes connection between square, rectangular or round downspout and roof drain leader piping.
  • Provides ground level protection from impacts.
  • Provides for access and maintenance of below ground piping through an optional above ground clean out.

Why use Piedmont Pipe Adapters?

  • Solid stainless construction
  • Will not crack or break like PVC and HDPE
  • U/V resistant polyurethane powder coat in ten standard colors or primed ready for field applied paint
  • Available in any size or shape