A downspout adapter simply connects square or rectangular downspout piping to round piping running away from the building, normaly referred to as a “roof drain leader”. This connection is normally made at or above finished grade. This type of connection requires the use of lightweight downspout running all the way to finished grade and piping next to the building running vertically up to finished grade.

Adapters are the lowest cost of all the connections, (except chewing gum and duct tape….and we see that a lot). They include commercially manufactured PVC and HDPE fittings in limited sizes. These types of connections are normally used in residential applications where there is no threat of live impacts, no direct sunlight, and no need to maintain the underground piping. Adapters are also sometimes used in light commercial buildings where the adapters are used to form a connection in concrete slabs.

Why use Piedmont Pipe Adapters?

  • Solid stainless construction
  • Will not crack or break like PVC and HDPE
  • U/V resistant polyurethane powder coat in ten standard colors or primed ready for field applied paint
  • Available in any size or shape