Function. Style. Durability.

We tailor downspout adapters to fit your every need.

downspout adapters

Piedmont Manufacturing fabricates custom downspout connections for commercial buildings from nearly indestructible stainless steel.

SO Downspout Shoes

Working with architects and construction managers to offer an alternative to cumbersome, fragile, and heavy cast-iron downspout adapters and connectors, Piedmont Manufacturing delivers a lighter, easier-to-use product that’s still cost-effective for your project.

Our units come standard with mounting hardware, cleanouts, and a durable finish to help them blend seamlessly into your construction. But our downspout connectors are anything but standard with unlimited sizing options and customer products available to suit your project. See all of our products.

SO Downspout Shoes

Largest Selection in the Industry

Huge variety of models with unlimited sizing, design, and budget.

Modern Materials

Fabricated with solid 12-gauge 304 stainless steel construction.

Modern Design & Construction

Manufactured using the latest CAD, laser cutting, and robotic welding.

About Piedmont Manufacturing

We are a U.S.-owned company based in Denver, North Carolina serving commercial construction projects across the country. All of our downspout connectors are made from U.S.-made materials by skilled local labor.

Why Use Piedmont Manufacturing Stainless Steel Downspouts?

Solid, Stainless Steel Construction

Available in any size or shape

Cost Effective

Stainless steel is lighter making it less expensive to ship and virtually maintenance free

Powder Coat or Paint-Ready

UV-resistant polyurethane powder coat or primed ready for field-applied paint

Tough, Yet Pliable

Cold weather and impacts won’t crack or break stainless steel like brittle cast iron or PVC

No Rust

Even in the harshest conditions, stainless steel won’t rust like cast iron

Debris Evacuation Trap

Our exclusive, patented debris evacuation trap offers the only above ground debris capture and removal option